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Let's talk TEXTURE!!

Welcome back, everyone! First off, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for even reading this...I am new to writing a blog, but I always welcome a challenge!

Okay, so the topic this week is TEXTURE. As an artist, when I am purchasing art at home decor stores, I not only am looking for specific colors and designs but also texture. Some artwork is just printed on canvas, so the art itself is flat (not visually in terms of dimension and depth) but if you were to touch the artwork, it's just flat. I know the term "flat" refers to artwork having a lack of depth in the art and it is 2-D, but I am using "flat" as being a physical aspect of art. Touching a printed canvas is...FLAT. But the cool thing about buying original acrylic paintings is the texture!

The feel and touch of the brushstrokes, the building up of the paints, possibly the excess use of gesso, or modeling paste all contribute to the bumps and grooves that can be found on the ACTUAL material that is being painted on (canvas, wood, paper, etc.). I'm talking handmade-handmade people! [Insert Aaron Cole "Handmade"] 😏

Personally, that is my FAVORITE type of artwork. I want to see and feel the creative direction of the artist. I want to see their thought process of applying the medium, modeling paste, paint, gel, and the list goes on forever. Maybe this can be seen as a weird obsession when it comes to art because people think that is just about what you see. But if you were to close your eyes and hold a painting, it can create a different way of appreciating the art. And I'm not even talking about art that you are intended to touch and feel, like sculptures, pottery, etc. Let's talk about it in the comments! I want to know if any other art lovers that love to see and feel texture too!

I wanted to include texture in one of my art series and I succeeded in doing so in the "Bold & Beautiful Quote Series". Whatever the background color scheme that you choose (Red-Orange, Blue-Green, Pink-Purple, Gray-Black) it has texture to it. If you were to touch the surface of the canvas, you will feel the brush and palette knife strokes. it just makes visual artwork that much more interesting! If you've never thought about touching artwork (definitely not at a gallery!) try it out. Maybe something will stick out to you and the combination of the content of the artwork and some texture would attract you even more to the artwork.

Again, let me know what you think about this topic! Comments, questions and concerns are welcomed below! This is one aspect that I love about art in general! Not only the way how aesthetically pleasing a piece of artwork looks in your house but also the added bonus of the way it feels to the touch!

Look forward to seeing these blog posts weekly! I'll figure out a definite posting day and let you all know next week. See ya then! Blessings.

- Koa

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