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Introduction to ME...KOA! | Conversations with Koa

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Hello everyone! First off, thank you for even taking the time to read this. This is my first blog post...ever!

And I was wondering what I should start off with. Maybe with an introduction of what to expect from my blogs. I plan for this space to be a place where you will get to know me. the goal is that we can build trust between one another and become more than just a small artist. I want to be your friend!

I would love for this to become a forum where I can discuss my latest obsessions in art, or maybe include some of my crazed plant obsession... I don't know! Please let me know. I am going to talk about art, my favorites, some smaller side projects that I have going on. Adding topics like plants, or my 9 birds may make this blog more relatable for non-art people.

So, just to wrap all of that up, I want to talk about things I like or dislike, including weekly inspirations, product reviews, and even get some guests here to also blog alongside with me!

Let's start a conversation in the comments on some topics that you would want me to write about!

I'm excited about this and hope that you are too. Subscribe to my mailing list to get updates on my next blog!

- Koa


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